Check Check One Two Check

16 Mar

Wow!  Check out this new blog – you can actually find your way around and access more details about Friends With Benefits.  I hope that you’ll check out some of our new menu items.  A very special thank you to my friend Matt Wallace of Coco* Creative for helping me put this together.

So much is happening its making my head spin!  I’m starting to call Friends With Benefits “the little event that could”.  Every day it seems like this small seed of an idea that came to me late one sunday night is growing bigger and more real.

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with Nathalie Myles at the Elmdale House Tavern.  In case you haven’t navigated around this site a bit – this is where it will all be happening on May 11.  Nathalie was kind enough to tour me around the venue and answer endless questions for me about the hows, the whens and the who’s that go into running an event at this venue.  She is truly the warmest, most accommodating host one could ask for and I’m really excited to be working with her.  (She’s taking a chance on this first-time event planner, so I beg you: come out to the Elmdale. buy drink. buy another.)

I followed up my Elmdale tour by connecting with DJ Zattar over coffee and my course work.  DJs Zattar, Memetic and Eric Roberts have agreed to partner with us to put on the sweaty dance party.  DJ Zattar is one seriously talented dude (photographer, DJ, arts educator) and talking with him about his music and upcoming projects has me itching to go to Timekode in April when school’s out!

Finally, this past Monday I saw an old friend and former jukebox enthusiast Rémi Thériault who has generously donated his time and photographer-skills to capture this whole thing on film.  We’ve got some ideas up our sleeve for some photo-booth amazingness – I’m hoping to get a few shots of my Dad with a feather boa and some Kanye West inspired shades.

So, I’ve been busy.  I feel like I’m living three different lives right now (public servant/event planner/student) but with the help of all these individuals and my very supportive circle of friends I’m muddling through the event planning process.  I think we’re putting together something really great that we can all be really proud of!  In addition to the logistics taking shape, silent auction items are coming in every day and I’m looking forward to unveiling some of the items that will be up for bid.

I’m so thankful for this process and the opportunities it has presented me with thus far.  I am seeing the event take shape, while connecting with people in the community who have been kind enough to share their stories with me.  It is remarkable to me how many people have struggled with mental illness themselves, had a friend or family member that has struggled, or who,  in the saddest of cases, have lost a friend or family member to suicide.  Bit by bit I can see the conversation starting to happen: people are talking openly about their struggles but also about their recovery.  I’m starting to feel that there is a lot more empathy and understanding out there than I realized.  I’m looking forward to continuing this conversation.

I’m not a writer but I love sharing what I’ve been up to and I hope that you’re looking forward to this as much as I am!



One Response to “Check Check One Two Check”

  1. Francine March 17, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

    It’ll be a great event thanks to all your hard work!!!! I can’t wait to dance dance dance!!!

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