Spring Fever

22 Mar

The warmer weather always makes me feel a little bit fidgety, like every possible minute should be spent out doors enjoying the sun and the temperature.

Just as the heat has shown up to greet us this week so have some new supporters who have generously donated items for bid at the silent auction.  We now have 4 round trip tickets on VIA Rail to auction off, along with gift certificates for local restaurants, two outstanding hotels, and some original work by local artists and photographers.  One of the auction items I’m most excited about is a VIP tour for 9 people at a brewery in Toronto, Ontario.  More details on that to be announced soon.

On the planning front, I connected with Tracey Welsh, Senior Development Officer, from the Royal’s events team.  Tracey has been a great resource and has been providing me with insight on what it takes to make an event like this work.  After our meeting, she sent me the beautiful Jennie James Depression Research Fund banner which you see to the right of your screen.  It has been a long time since I had seen a picture of Jennie and it made my little heart sing.

A little bit on my personal connection to the Royal and Jennie’s fund: Jennie was a special friend to me.  I admired her and looked up to her for all she had accomplished like a Master’s Degree, a career, travel, a boat load of friends not to mention perpetually perfect, manicured nails.  Her smile, her voice and the wide-eyed look she had when telling a story are the things that I think of most.  I’m thankful for having met her, I think I’m better for it.

I hope you’ll join me on May 11, 2012 to raise funds for the Royal’s Jennie James Depression Research Fund and contribute to the important services and life-saving research conducted by the Royal.  If you can’t join us on May 11, you can also donate by clicking on the Eventbrite link to your right.

Thank you for your support,




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