Care Bears Movie…. Sold Out!

10 May

Ok – I realize that is an extremely odd title for a post!  Here’s the story: My family has a great memory of me at five years old heading off to my best friend’s birthday up the street.  We were set to go to Britannia 6 theatres (now the Coliseum) to see “The Care Bears Movie”.  No sooner did I depart than I was back down the street.  When my parents asked me why I was home, I simply replied “Care Bears Movie SOOOOOLD OUUUUUT” in a big booming voice.  I was imitating the usher who had relayed the bad news to the birthday party group that the movie had sold out just before we arrived.

Not to fear – we did see the movie the next day.

But I digress!  This post is intended to let you know about the status of tickets for Friends With Benefits tomorrow night.  We have sold 100 pre sale tickets online, and about 35-40 paper tickets.  We have between 10-20 tickets available at the door, so please come down and see us.  We expect that a number of people will come for the silent auction but not stay for the sweatier dancier part of the evening – so there will also be a chance to join us then.

Thank you oh so much for all of your support.  We can’t wait to celebrate Jennie’s life with you and do some serious bidding and dancing tomorrow night.



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