Clean out your closet for our cause: FWB is pleased to announce Trend Trunk as a new supporting sponsor

28 Mar

I  am constantly amazed at the ability of social media to bring people
together, to insipire, to stimulate conversation and to empower.  Last
year when we began to plan the first Friends With Benefits event I
thought that we would have to rely on friends and professional
contacts to build our roster of silent auction items and donations.
Instead what I learned was that simply by sharing information
regarding the event on social media like Facebook and Twitter,
community-minded businesses like Victoire clothing Max’s Shoes and Cobbler
and Burnt Butter Italian Kitchen would volunteer donations without being
asked.  I was amazed, humbled and excited to think that people who had
never met us, the organizers, would take a chance on a first time
event and donate gift certificates and services to us.

As we begin to plan this year’s event we’ve set our sights higher.
We’re hosting the event at a larger venue with the goal of attracting
more attendees and raising more money.  The positive thinking we’ve
been doing to help us grow our event has paid off.  Yesterday we were
contacted by an amazing new company from Hamilton called Trend Trunk.

Trend Trunk is a social marketplace where you can buy, sell, and
donate amazing new and pre-loved fashion in a fun and simple way.
Their aim is to inspire and collaborate with the fashion-minded and
budget-conscious community in a trustworthy environment. They believe
that one person’s lonely wardrobe is another’s true love! If you’ve
got items you’re not in love with anymore, you can ‘cash in your
closet’ and use those funds to shop a users’ closet whose style you
love, donate those funds to charity of your choice or get the funds
deposited directly into your bank account.

Trend Trunk is truly a business to watch:  they have been named as
a finalist for two Canada Post Innovation Awards best new e-business
AND best online retailer – small business, crowned one of Hamilton’s
top 10 start-up companies, and recently featured in The Hamilton
Spectator and the National Post.  Trend Trunk was also recently
featured on the Marilyn Denis Show and on Cityline!

We are so excited to announce that we will be partnering with Trend
Trunk to help raise money and awareness for the Jennie James
Depression Research Fund.  Trend Trunk will be donating mystery gift
cards that we will be giving to all of our guests the night of the
event.  All attendees will score a gift card of a value of somewhere
from $10 to $250 dollars.  In sum, you buy a $25 ticket to the event
and can get back up to $250 in Trend Trunk gift cards… How amazing is

But it doesn’t stop there!  We will soon have an exclusive online
“closet” set up via Trend Trunk where you can buy, sell and donate
your pre-loved fashion in a fun, simple and CHRAITABLE way.  You can
visit to get
started.  You can sign up, post your items and choose to donate all or
a portion of the proceeds from any items you sell to the Jennie James
Depression Research Fund.

Sounds to me like an excuse to shop for a new outfit for May 10th!


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