The words “thank you” don’t feel like enough

12 May

472491_10152788626405117_168611097_o 189407_10151535315561832_1856306922_n21248_10152788626180117_537684207_n 946393_10151535314751832_262470392_nI feel like I have an excitement hangover.  So much happiness and love has surrounded us this weekend.  As I write this I’m sleepy but buzzing with a million thoughts and words in my head that I want to get out into the world right this instant!

Friends With Benefits on Friday was a wonderful success.  I have never felt a room filled with so much love, excitement, hope and unity.  While the night seemed to pass in a blur of wonderfulness I have some wee snapshots in my mind that sum it up perfectly: the fierce competition for silent auction items, the many hugs and words of appreciation, seeing Jennie’s sister and her friends break it down on the dance floor and the vibes of love and support I felt as I made my speech about the importance of the evening.

All in all, I think we did it:  we gained the momentum and support we all hoped we would in year two.  Although we don’t yet have our “total raised” for the evening, my gut tells me that we will at least match, if not exceed, what we hoped for for this year because of all of those who sponsored and all of those who attended both in person and in spirit.

Yesterday with it being all over, it was an emotional day.  I felt proud of what we had accomplished, but still felt like it was not enough.  I kept feeling like: “this is so frustrating!  It can go well, raise money and awareness but at the end of the day its not going to bring our friend, our sister, our aunt, our daughter, or our life of the party back”.  That is hard.  But I know that what we can all take comfort in, however, is that we are raising awareness and funds for individuals and families who so desperately need the support of The Royal.

I’m not confident about a lot in this life and this is something that is a “work in progress” for me.  What I am confident about is my ability, our collective ability, to bring people together to celebrate Jennie’s legacy and to raise awareness and funds for The Royal.  I feel more strongly now than I did even a year ago that this needs to be a bigger part of my life.  I’m not sure what that looks like yet but I’m excited to find out.

I’m not sure if this all hangs together or even makes sense but what its meant to say is THANK YOU! Thank you to:

Kimberly Sullivan and Boom 99.7 for believing in our vision and supporting us as a presenting sponsor.  Thank you, Kimberly, for being there and acting as a most excellent Emcee for the evening.

– To Nicki Bridgland, Founder of the Ottawa Sport and Social Club, and friend of Jennie’s.  Thank you for your support again in year two and by taking on the role of presenting sponsor.  It made our vision possible and for a beautiful evening at Lago;

-To Trend Trunk and Kott Lumber for being our supporting sponsors who helped us to promote the event and to provide a great experience to our guests;

– To Peter Hammond and Kathryn Laflamme for doing so much to make the evening possible.  You took on more than your share of work and helped us to secure a great new venue for this year.

– To Francine Charbonneau who is an amazing PR specialist, marketing maven, and social media guru extraordinnaire.

– To Andrew Moonsamy and Katie Wallace for your help in securing silent auction donations.

– To my parents and all of the wonderful volunteers who helped to make the evening run so smoothly.

– To Trouble Clef who played the most beautiful music.

– To Lisa Provencal who caught the whole thing on film.

– To Tracey Welsh and her team for their guidance and support.

Finally to all those of you that came in person or who sent donations or words of support.  You are what helps us to grow this event and make it successful for the second year in a row!  You are great friends… with many benefits for the Royal.


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