Chase Away the Sunday Blahs

25 Feb

We will get to “chasing away the Sunday blahs” but first some news:  Things are starting to come together for the third Friends With Benefits event in Ottawa on May 2nd, 2014.  We have booked the venue and we’re doing the legwork to put together another fabulous evening of silent auction items, music and inspiration in support of the Jennie James Depression Research Fund.

I get so much energy from participating in the organization of this event, it makes me feel like anything is possible, like people are good and that I’m a part of something bigger – a movement to end the stigma around depression and other mental health challenges.

Beyond the event planning for Friends With Benefits there’s the promotion of the event, and some awareness-raising stuff I like to do, most of which is done through this blog.  So for my first post of 2014 I’m thinking about chasing away the Sunday blahs.

Do you get the Sunday blahs?  For me, Sunday is the day I love to hate.  It’s a great day for brunch, maybe a workout, sleep in, and if you’re feeling productive, for getting stuff done. Did I forget to mention its also a great night for TV ?(Girls, anyone?).  But when you’re someone like me who tends towards the downward swing in life Sunday can be a no-fun-day.

This year I have been doing a lot of work around “designing my life”: setting things up to go as I’d like them to instead of being stuck in the same routine, hoping things will change.  I have been working with a super cool, super frank, super caring coach named Molly from the Handel Group who got me onto the idea of changing the way I think about Sundays.  How can I take the day on which I usually feel the loneliest and make it something great?

Over the past few months I’ve been trying some different things to make Sundays more Laura-friendly.  I don’t know that I have figured out a 100% foolproof plan to chasing away the Sunday loneliness, however I have come pretty close.    Here are 5 ideas to help you chase away the Sunday blahs:

1)   Plan your day

If you know that Sundays are an icky day for you, make sure you have some plans or structure to help ease you into the day.  Plan some errands, a class, or even what book you are going to read or movie you are going to see.  If you have a plan, it’s a bit easier to negotiate the day.  You can spend more time focusing on the task at hand, and less time feeling the suck of Sunday.

 2)   TREAT YO SELF – 2014

Three words for you Treat. Yo. Self.  Thank you Parks and Recreation for this inspiration!

Sunday is a great day to book an appointment for a massage, the spa, or another treat of the week.  Perhaps this isn’t realistic every week but if you can think of something you can do to make yourself feel good, it’s a great day to do it.

For me, treating myself can be as simple as a fancy coffee and the weekend paper.  Or, taking a walk in my neighborhood and people watching.  Sometimes its making something more decadent for dinner and watching a movie.  Go with whatever gives you the warm fuzzies.  Maybe some fine leather goods?

 3)   Connect with friends

This is a BIG one for me.  For me, Sunday feels like it should be about togetherness – whether its with family, a partner or with friends.  I’m not going to lie that part of my Sunday blahs related to the fact that in my ideal world I would have a tall, dark and handsome dude helping me up dinner in the kitchen.  But there is something just as good if not better than that: which is connecting with friends.  In Toronto I have been lucky to have been adopted by a rad group of people who host Sunday family dinners almost weekly.  These dinners are a great way to connect, have some laughs and end the night with a warm heart and full belly.  Plus it’s a great excuse to share the cooking duties and there’s the leftovers…

If you are away from your close friends or find it hard to connect in-person on Sunday night, make Sunday your “catch up” night.  I have a few really good friends who know how I feel about Sundays and who always make an effort to call.  It’s a great time to catch up on the weekend and have a few laughs before shutting her down for the night.  It might surprise you how much closer it makes you feel when you make the effort to reach out to friends or family for a regular phone date.

4)   Exercise

You have the whooooole day – why not get those endorphins pumping?  I feel about 100% better on Sunday when I have made an effort to get a work out or a yoga class in.  It makes me feel accomplished, awake, and less like a lump on a log.  Plus it’s a great way to fill some time if you don’t have other plans.

If you’re not a regular member of a gym, many fitness studios have reduced rates for first time clients.  Since you’re not rushing to or from work, Sunday is a great day to take on a new challenge.  Ballet barre or Crossfit anyone?

5)   Take it easy on Saturday night

If you like to indulge in a few drinks on the weekend, you know that Sunday can be rough. For me, Sunday is sooooo much better if I have been well behaved on Saturday night.  Besides the wine-flu and gin headaches, anxiety and depression are two of the ugly side effects of a hangover.  Individuals pre-disposed to depression are likely to have elevated feelings of the blues or anxiousness after they’ve consumed too much.   Alcohol also disturbs your sleep patterns.  Less drink makes it so much easier to get a good sleep and wake up on the right side of the bed.  So maybe next Saturday we’ll think about one less drink?  Yes, yes we will.

I still have a good case of the lonelies on Sunday  now and then, but I have learned a lot from Ms. Molly about how I can better take charge of my days to achieve the good vibes and good feelings I want to live.  If you can believe it and if you can plan it, chances are you’ll feel great about your day.  I hope that these small words of advice will prove useful to you.  I’d love to hear how you design YOUR next Sunday.


If you need some inspiration to make your Sunday sing, try this:



P.S.- If you want a free consult from a Handel staffer on whether or not coaching could help you click here.


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