Friends With Benefits 2015 – the journey to $100K

15 Feb

Today is the coldest day on record this winter in Toronto. As a write this, curled up under a blanket in my apartment in Toronto, the warmer May weather seems so far away. The reality is that when planning a charity event every day after Christmas seems to count in the collection of sponsors, organization of the venue, and in the promotion of the cause.

The team that has put together Friends With Benefits over the past three years has learned much about event planning and management. The biggest thing we have learned is that pulling off a great event takes an enormous about of patience, energy and organization. As we go into planning for year four we are reflecting on what has worked and what hasn’t over the years to give our guests an outstanding event in year four, and more importantly, raise even more money for the Royal. The goal? By year 5 in 2016 we want to have raised over $100,000 for mental health research at The Royal.

When we started in 2012 we were new and our goals were small – to raise a little over $5,000 for the Royal. Here is a snapshot of how the event has grown in the last three years:

In 2012 – $10,887.00 raised
In 2013 –  $15,624.00 raised
and in 2014 we raised $19, 974.00

Today we have raised over $46,000 for The Royal. We can see how this “little event that could” continues to grow. To accommodate the increased interest and guests we see with each event I am excited to announce that this year we are moving to a larger venue. We will still be at Lago, but in a larger space: the downstairs floor that has capacity for over 400 guests.

To get to $100K in 5 years, we will need to raise $25,000 this year.  Mark your calendar for Friday May 8th and join us at Lago, or share information about our sponsorship program , or volunteer the night of the event.  It takes many hands to make this event a success.

To get us excited for this year’s event check out these wonderful photos by Lisa Provencal Photography of our 2014 boys mom and andy friends Fun honoress ferrets girls 3 speeches alia and heather draws faces


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